Saturday, 17 March 2018


As subscribers to my Youtube channel will know, over the past month, I have been making a series on Nature and our relation to it. I had originally planned to make only one video, but soon realised there were so many aspects that needed covering that it warranted a whole mini-series. In any case, the feedback from the videos I was getting was very positive and I had several requests for more in the same vein. The first video explores how the Left-Right political split in politics is congruent with the city-countryside split and how the bourgeois city-dwellers have manipulated semantics, whereby words relating to people from the country carry notions of stupidity. We look at the history of the 'progress' of the Left and how this has been responsible for the destruction of Nature in Europe, starting with the acceptance of Christianity.


Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Hope Not Hate has released its annual 'State of Hate' publication in which Nick Lowles and co. tell the few on the Left who can still read whom they should hate and by how much. Lowles shows his anti-capitalist credentials by charging £6.50 for this piece of literary brilliance and by spending three pages defending billionaire George Soros, following that with a page of HNH merchandising advertised by that icon of anti-capitalist product endorsement Billy Bragg, whose records have been and continue to be distributed by the likes of Atlantic Records and Sony. Indeed, Nick Lowles now bears the title of chief executive officer of Hope Not Hate and one must suppose that HNH is now a corporation. Will they be floated on the stock market? Only time will tell..... The good news is though that as Mjolnir Magazine is committed to the indigenous European workers' struggle, I found one can access the pamphlet via this link until the army of third-world and Leftist incompetents at HNH fix it!


Avid reader of Mjolnir: Nick Lols


Saturday, 3 March 2018


Again we see another terrible shooting incident in America being used as political leverage. It has been suggested by some on the Alternative Right that the murder of seventeen people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by Nikolas Cruz was orchestrated by the government. Certainly, something does not sit quite right about the event. We are told by the mainstream media that Cruz is a white supremacist and Donald Trump supporter, which is convenient, and his own ethnicity is disguised by the fact that he was adopted at birth. Living in a post-truth age in which the media constantly churns out fake news means many facts about the case are impossible to discern. What is known, however, is that both the FBI and local police under Sheriff Scott Israel (note the surname) allowed the massacre to happen through inactivity. Cruz was known to the FBI as a threat, but was never arrested despite stating on social media that he was going to exactly what he did. During the attack itself, Israel's deputies stood and watched and never made any effort to stop Cruz, which is bizarre.




Monday, 26 February 2018


Whatever happened to the perfectly good term 'fancy dress'? I suppose one might argue that 'cosplay' emphasises the element of play to it, of playing the role the costume suggests. One such man who loves to do this is Justin Trudeau. There is nothing terribly wrong with that - except that he does it when representing the country he is prime minister of on the world stage. Even worse, the majority of Canadians seem to think this is perfectly normal.


Saturday, 24 February 2018


Ilya Glazunov is not a name that is widely known in Western Europe, to the point where his passing went largely unnoticed on 9th July of last year. I personally only found out at the end of the year and have only just managed to find the time to write this obituary, involved as I am in a number of cultural projects that will bear fruit this year. Born into a Russian noble family in St Petersburg, known at that time as Leningrad in the Soviet Union, he lost his parents to starvation in the siege of that city during World War Two, he himself being one of the few survivors from his family. While studying at the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, he considered entering the clergy at a time when the Soviet state still persecuted Christians, although at a lesser level than during the early regime phase. A priest persuaded him to 'Go, learn, and fight for truth.'



Tuesday, 13 February 2018


These are two videos I have made that are connected by the theme of Hollywood. The first begins with an observation in Jared Taylor's debate with black supremacist Tariq Nasheed in how black supremacists use the rhetoric of 1970s blaxploitation films to explain their situation, which is invariably one of being oppressed by the White Man. This I call "blaxplainin'". Certainly, such Blacks as Tariq will get a thrill out of the release of a film that puts all their fantasies about Black achievement onto the big screen. Yet does this new Marvel superhero blockbuster help Negroes or hinder them? 



Sunday, 11 February 2018


Bryan Ferry may have been the trailblazer from the North who developed what I term White British Soul, but he was swiftly followed by others. As mentioned in the last article on the subject, Roxy Music's album Flesh and Blood influenced a new generation of artists. Such was the Über-coolness of Roxy Music's lead singer that in Sheffield the nightclub Crazy Daisy hosted Bryan Ferry nights. It was therefore no coincidence that Sheffied would become one of the epicentres of the 'New Romantic' subgenre of synthpop.